Is My Dress a Genuine Blu Moon Design?

Some months ago, we discovered that our dresses and outfits were being copied overseas, and that even our photos were being pulled from our web site and duplicated to sell products that were poor imitations.

In a way, we could call that a bit flattering.

The quality of our assembly, fabrics and packaging is what we feel sets us apart from other stores and shops, and so we decided to add the Blu Moon Design tag to all of our clothing. It is a white, square tag along the hemline with a simple moon.

We've been in business since 2005, so it's likely that many have genuine Blu Moon outfits that do not have this tag, if it was purchased prior to December 2017. If you're wondering if you have a true Blu Moon Design product:

  • Our fabrics are soft yet very durable and high quality. You can easily tell the difference between our fabric and that used by big box stores and mass-produced goods.
  • Seams are always professionally serged and finished
  • The packaging your order arrived in would have been our signature pink box (or blue box, if you're one of our Blu Box members) with blue tulle ribbon if purchased in 2017 or later.

Please let us know if you have any questions as to whether an outfit you've purchased is truly Blu Moon Design. Thank you all for supporting handmade shops!

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